All Glammed Up

Friday I had my hair curled up, my nails done and my favorite uniform from my paying job on, my “actual job@ a rural healthcare facility”

So I pull on my tall Bog rubber boots on, my late father in law who has since passed a year ago to the day, denim jacket on. All of this which has me 2/3rds covered.

Being the O C D person I am I will tell you soon what was not in place in my accessorized up New Holland cab tractor”

See my tractor has these little areas that I pack full of the accessories I think I will need. One tray is just fit for my flash light, box cutter for hay strings, another for my Columbia multipurpose tool and iPhone that’s wrapped in its brown leather case. The stereo system is pretty awesome too, as my snap chat pals are well aware. Last but not least New Holland added a little more glam in my life with its very own sunroof. So I open that for a breath of fresh country air.

Today being the same as every jam packed got to get all this done between the daylight hours was none different from any other. I ran my normal routine. Climbed up in the tractor ( got everything adjusted just right for my preference and not that of the other farm hand~ not calling no names but it starts with T E R R Y) and I set out to check and feed the cows. Quality time with my best girls and their suitors.

This particular afternoon went like most others. Except we have a little more traffic on our quiet county road due to the closure of a near by washed out road from the recent storms. Trust me people have no idea how do drive when they meet farm equipment all they know is they GOT to get around them.

My girls were just as anxious to see me as I were them. In fact some days it’s more of a MOB squad reunion and my tote of silage is the star.

So here I am all set up right? Everything in its place right? Sounds from the 70s playing on the stereo, sun roof open, steering wheel adjusted just right. I’m all set. I open all the gates in my own order. I give the girls and guys their silage in the lined up troughs. I proceed into the pasture with their round roll of hay, and on my way out I stop to put out the tubs of silage I have for them. So far so good, right?

So cattle eating silage out of a tub is similar to a Black Friday Walmart 6am open its doors and just because you have TVs already doesn’t mean you’re not going in like Rambo to get the 99$ one right ???? This is the evening scene with with silage wagon, my sweet girls push, they shove and make their way in for another bite. How do cattle push one might ask- with her big head!!!

This entire scene plays out in less than 30 minutes every evening. The only thing faster is Mother Nature making it dark on me with a bunch of hungry heifers.

Every last bite of silage is eaten and the girls are back to ladies now so I go in to pick up my tubs to load back on my tractor tote all, when I know exactly what was not sitting in its compartment~ my gloves! How I know this is because when I went to pick up my empty silage tub I got a nice warm ooeey gooey feeling that had to be no other than cow poooooo.

That friends is how you go from glam to crap in just a second.

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Friday the 13th

As superstition has it Friday the 13th should have been a eerie day, however it was a fun filled afternoon with our GRAND kids, Grayson and Eli.

Tragedy didn’t strike until Sunday when we lost Steve! You might ask who is Steve?? New farm hand?? New grandkid?? Let me explain by telling you how we got Steve to start with!

Recently we celebrated Leah Paige turning five. Which in turn is when Eli developed a NEED for Leggos. Amazon did their part as well by sending out their Christmas wish book which Eli studied for sometime trying to decide what it was that he needed me to buy for him. He was stuck on page 19. Page 19 is where the Minecraft Leggos were found.

He has asked me for Leggos on several occasions and I really thought he was to little for them, but he is such a darling at the art of persuasion that it’s hard to say no.

Grayson and I went to Walmart on Saturday so I thought what the heck and purchased him the smallest Minecraft Leggo set they had.

In the mean time Eli had also tricked his dad into taking him to Tractor Supply because there was something there he needed too.

Eli was super excited when they returned from town to find that I had got him the Minecraft Leggos. He turned out to be a great Leggo builder and knew all of the characters in game setting, which is where Steve comes in. Steve is a Minecraft block headed humanoid character that when built is a little over one inch in height. Eli took the tiny Leggo man and crawled up in his dads lap where he quickly fell asleep. That is the last anyone has seen of Steve.

Today is day two and we still haven’t had any Steve sightings. I’m sure the little guy will appear somewhere when we least expect it.

Pawpaw makes him giggle when they go fast!

Rain rain go away

Things have been being a little damp in the South.

We have been blessed with rain and more rain!

Hurricane Zeta left our farm with washed out gates, debris covered fence lines and let’s not mention our drive way.

Hurricane Eta which is pronounced like our favorite Mamaw Ada left her punch as well, they both proved to be spunky ladies.

Zeta made me a busy girl as we had no power for 4, F O U R, days. So I must brag on my favorite girls and their big guys for being on their best behavior. Everyone stayed within their boundaries~ even with no power on the electric fences.

Eta kept me stranded at home for the morning until the waters receded.

Our little Fishing Creek was a raging river, once more, for a while. The community around us had lots of damage. There were water rescue calls, washed out road and flooding.

I would like to finish tonight with a little song my sister and I would sing Every time it rained we would sneak out side and splash every puddle singing Rain Rain Go away come again another day ❤️

Hunting Creek
Photo credit Mr.Steve Clark

My Best Girls

Every afternoon just before five o’clock, like clock work, there they are ~ My best girls!

Pretty smart chicks at that!

Smart, funny and beautiful my girls are standing by the gate waiting patiently for their dinner. There are a few that get a little obnoxious, but hey I get a little fussy when I’m hungry too.

Today we spent most of my day with them. We cleaned up a fallen tree from storm damage. They came grazing up to see just what we were doing- very curious girls may I add.

The boys dragged along too- guess they had nothing better to do.

After that we moved a little bit of hay from our sweet neighbor Carol’s field. Of course they joined in to help with the unloading and packing process catching a few nibbles.

It was a warm and pretty day. It would have been the perfect day for a Harley Davidson motorcycle ride. We were reminded of that by ones passing. Bitter sweet. ❤️

Huge Pine was no problem for the Kubota

Fall in the South

Our days are shorter, our mornings are cooler and our grass is about to quit growing~ Fall in the South is here.

Every evening the cattle are looking for their bale of hay, some sweet feed and minerals.

We are finishing up our last cuttings of hay for winter feedings. Winter preparation is well under way.

One of my favorite views in the fall is a near by barn that is a true Southern Fall Beauty

A Few of My Favorite Things

The cattle~ of course!

What good would a farm girl be if she didn’t love her cattle ❤️

Although there are some I would trade and some I would clone, they are all Gods creatures. But my favorites have always been the ones with white faces.

The sunsets

The sunsets are so beautiful each evening. They are Gods way of telling me I have worked enough for one day. But as all women know~ a woman’s work is never done.

My Grandchildren

So I have to hand it to who ever named them GRAND children, they are just that Grand! Grayson was my very first so as anyone could imagine spoiled was the word. I tried to make him a farm boy but I failed terribly. But it’s ok~ he’s still the best ❤️

Leah Paige is quite the little farm girl! She is beauty and spunk❤️

Elijah Cole is our little character! He’s the sunshine on a cloudy day.

Fisher is the sweetest little guy in the world. The moment I first got to meet him he hugged me so of course I was hooked🎣

A Girls Tractor

So if my neighbors haven’t learned anything about me~ it’s you don’t mess with a girls tractor!

My ole Massey Ferguson was kidnapped this summer for a short time. She was “our” first tractor so I couldn’t just let them take her without a fight. After a little persuasion and lots of searching I went back to the last place I didn’t look and there she was! Yesterday I raked two fields of hay with her and didn’t complain a bit that the seat wasn’t comfy,the air wasn’t cool and there was no drink holder. She might be old but her Perkins’ engine still purrs

The Creek

It’s the name of my blog right!!

So the creek starts just above my house. The many springs flow into it as it passes by the old homestead and then by our home. There is a little waterfall I love to sit and visit just to hear the sound of the water. Peaceful and calming. Eli calls it the “keek” and loves to play without a care in the world. Gray and I made videos there when he was little. Big fun with my little guys ❤️

Top of the (MY) World

Just a little spot with a big view. I can see for miles and miles to Grandfather Mtn, Virginia and Tennessee. The perfect spot to lay in a hammock.

Old Homeplace

I could talk all day about my favorite things and all of my family that I love dearly but that friends I will save for another post.

Have a happy Saturday ❤️

Seven Springs

My blogging days haven’t been much here for the past little while. Several times I have attempted but just couldn’t find the words.

Today I just set out walking. I had a couple destinations in mind, after all I have many favorite spots around my farm. Practically anywhere that has a view, some water and some cows, yep- that’s the spot. I wondered around at a slower pace today, by foot, not normal mode of transportation.

It looked as if the sky might open up at any given moment but so far it’s just me, my dog Elle Mae, the sound of the birds singing and the creek flowing.

As I walked I thought to myself I could have as easily named my blog Seven Springs! We have many springs on our land. They head Fishing Creek which winds and travels to the Yadkin River. I think that is is pretty neat that the creek begins where I call home.

The spring water is clean and clear with reminants of old liquor stills resting in the banks. My road was known as bootleggers highway. Boot legged liquor- Wilkes County’s claim you fame.

As I wonder around I can’t help but imagine just what it looked like here a 100 years ago. I’m sure the springs housed good for cool storage and fields were full of crops. It would be so neat to have a snap shot of the days gone by.

Selling Calves 2 Wide

Sunday is transport day for cattle to sell on Monday. It was a pretty day, the weather was perfect and the calves even participated for the most part.

Weaning calves is never fun. The babies cry and the mamas bellor. I know I sure cried when I was little and went somewhere without my mama.

Most sell days I’m ok with the process, as long as I don’t think to much about it. If I do- then it makes me sad. However, I sure do LOVE steak!!!

Today sure was a busy day at the market. There were truck and cow trailers lined up 2 wide. Good thing I have Coca Cola, snacks and Diet Coke for Terry on hand.

No blog is better than a bad blog

So I haven’t blogged in a while because every time I attempted to I just couldn’t find the words. I wouldn’t say I’m a depressed person but, life sure can get depressing at times.

Last night we were doing our farm work which carried into the night and I looked over to see one of my favorite cows standing next to me with the full moon in the back ground and at that moment remembered how blessed I am.

In the most overwhelming days of my life I’m surrounded by natural beauty. Our home, our farm and our family.

Blackberry Picking Time

I sure love blackberries and blackberry pie!

I remember when I was a little girl the road I live now was dirt and lined with blackberry briars. Cars would park all up and down the road picking blackberries.

Now I’m not a rolling pin kinda pie crust girl. I’m a half of cup of sugar, half cup milk and half cup of yummy butter pie crust girl. Easy as pie.

It’s a hard decision cleaning off the fence line to keep or get rid of those blackberry briars.